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Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

I've posted that my 'anniversary' has just passed - My reversion anniversary! I thought I would post the link to My Story - I have just recently re-posted into this blog (from another one that I no longer use) I must warn you all its is a very very long has about 6 parts to it. Like I kept writing in there, I've written it down for myself. I wanted to remember all the struggles I have gone through and wrote down the things while they were still fresh in my memory. So having said that (I've given you fair I invite you to read my story!

Aalya's Story

Oh and you have to scroll all the way down after clicking the is in reverse order!

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The Gori Wife said...

It's a pretty long story! I've just read up to where you take your Shahada, and it's pretty similar to my conversion story, too! Man, what I wouldn't give to have converted before I met my husband. It seems like I lose credibility as a "real" muslim in some people's eyes when they find out that he was my first real exposure to Islam. I'm going to keep reading your story - thanks for sharing!


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