My journey started on January 10th 2005...

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Well January 10th 2005 was the day that I left my old life and started a new one. This is the day that I pronounced my Shahada and stepped onto a new path. Ok, I'm not going to get all mushy but it is a moving experience, at least that day was very moving, truly I felt as if all bad was lifted from me and I got a 'second' chance at things. I won't bore you with my conversion story (although I think I'll re-copy it from another post I had on another site - just so it's in the history here) but it did consist of many years of wondering and learning, as well as a bit of fear of the unknown. Mashallah, I do not regret what I have done because I know that it is the 'right' way but I do have to admit it is a very difficult journey but honestly who said that life is easy? I keep reminding myself the Islam was revealed within a span of 23 years and I have time and God-willing I have the patience to learn all I need to learn as well as to live it. Now the fact of 23 years should not be taken as an excuse that you have that long to change your ways, but it is a reminder that as humans we all need time to adjust, if not we run the risk of rejecting all of what we have learned and practiced, well at least I feel like that. I am trying to focus on all the good things that I have learned and am practicing, I am not dwelling on the negatives and weakness' because we all have these, be it something small or great, we all need to work on our faith! I can only pray that I continue on this path, and that God keeps showing me the right path and keeps me from falling off the path. I also pray that if I do 'wander' off the path that He will show it to me again and gives me strength to follow His way! Ameen!


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"I have time and God-willing I have the patience to learn all I need to learn as well as to live it."

A lot of wisdom in there. Carry on!


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