There is no God...

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Toronto is a buzz with the latest advertising that will be featured on the transit system...

(this picture is from the UK)

Yeah you see it apparently started in England

so some brilliant mind thought... hey this would be a good idea in Toronto, since it is so multi-cultural and all (I mean really!)

I was watching the news report last night its actually here:

The chair of the transit commission is saying (go to min 1:30) that
"atheism is defined as a we are required to run it"

Oh really? Would they run this advertisement? (My take on it!)

(now doesn't that sound better!)

Yeah somehow I don't think so.

I don't like when things for the public are taken and twisted for some individuals. What I mean is if you are going to post (and in the words of the Chairman, "we are required to run it") something about atheism then you are going to have to post everything from Islam to Hinduism... that makes for a lot of advertising! Personally I like to keep things 'secular', meaning that for the most part things are non-religious. You can see from the advertisements that people are divided about how they feel. Could all that money not be spent to improve the situation of the transit? (They are currently in need of money to upgrade a very old system)

I do agree with one thing though...this will definitely open up talk about God...and that has to be a good thing!

So I like to open it up now and ask...what are all your thoughts on this?


أم ترافيس said...

That is just stupid if u ask me... it just gives teenagers more incentive to do whatever they want... I am already struggling with a son who is raised by ppl who believe ALL PPL go to heaven and there is no hell! Its retarded... the more crazy stuff (and ya, secular..) the more -- well secular it is! ;) For u, its ok becuz hummdullah u are muslimah so having NO OTHER religions advertized is nice... but fer the impressionable teens I think they are just getting more and more lost :(

Candice said...

You are part of my Top 5 blogs!

Anonymous said...

atheists bug me. This guy once said "What if you're wrong about God?"

Well, if I'm wrong and he's right, I'll end up in the ground having been a good person, but if I'm right and he's wrong, he'll have to face God's judgement.

Candice said...

I also wanted to comment on the post itself. I also believe it should be secular here. I want my daughter to be well-rounded as possible and not be influenced into religious past what we give her. I want her to know about many religions and in the end make her own choices, but she will be raised in the religious environment we choose for her and as long as she and others have the right to practice, that's all I need from the government. She'll be raised in an Islamic environment, whether I convert or not because of my husband and I will support that, but I will make sure she's open-minded and well-rounded in other knowledge.

Almallena said...

asalaam walikum
sis I totally agree with sis above. its ridiculous, religion is believing in a higher power whatever you make take it to be and atheists don't believe in anything, so how is it a religion. Thats stupid. anyways yeah its just shaytaan using these people who are really his puppets to advertise his mission. so sad, oh well lets worry about ourselves and just make dua for everyone! pssh Im out.

lol I might do some graffiti on the bus though haha

Jamilah said...

I like your version much better... Its just what this world needs is another reason to laugh at religion.


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