Degredation of the Family unit...some thoughts

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

I have a news feed up on top of my browser window - its set to
Turkish news right now (Hubby is Turkish and I sometimes like to
surprise him with some knowledge about what's going on there!)
Anyway... off topic!
So I saw this article title

School Books are Turkish, Muslim, Male, Heterosexual and Racist

I thought....hmm this should be interesting.
The article starts off like this:

The findings of the second project of monitoring Turkish school
books for human rights violations, run by the History Foundation
and the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey, have been published
as a book.
"...The father is the person who makes the living for the family.
The mother is the father’s helper, and she provides the food, child care
and love in the family.”

Ok, what is so wrong with that? Yes there are women who make a living,
and yes it is a nice thing for the father to help out the mother. In most homes
the mother is the one cooking and cleaning and childcare. I know that this makes
it sound as if the women are at a disadvantage, but I have to disagree. I think
many of us grew up in such homes, did we turn out all misguided?

The article goes on:

“The groups most at risk of contracting AIDS are: people having unsafe
sexual relations, people with more than one sexual partner,
homosexuals, drug users, those dependent on blood products and health personnel.” (E.A. Kolukısa (2006) Primary School Social Studies
6, p. 147, Ankara: A Publications).

This sentence encourages prejudices towards both people who are not heterosexual and those who cannot live with one partner.

Um...this to me looks more like a fact not 'discrimination'?
Should text books write 'its ok to have more than one sexual partner'?
I mean really these books are for children in school, it should not
contain 'thoughts or ideals', I think facts are needed not opinions.

Ok this really boggles my mind - remember these are books made for
Turkish children IN Turkey.

Related to this issue is the choice of names that the characters in school
books have. They are always Muslim and Turkish names, such as
Ömer, Zeynep, Mustafa, Mehmet, Meral, Sema…In vain does one look
for Armenian, Kurdish or Jewish names, such as
Agop, Zilan, Baran, Moşe, Roni or Nayat.

We generally use 'English' sounding names here in Canada, and we have
so many different nationalities, so I don't think that is being racists. With so
many ethnicity's here the book makers would be dizzy from choosing names!
Would you really see a book here with the characters having a
Chinese or Indian name? I wouldn't mind, but realistically would it happen?
Perhaps Canada is in violation of Human Rights too then?

“For no one; we are Allah’s subjects…our hearts are full of belief,
our strong arms….”(A. Kapulu (2007) Primary School
Turkish 4, p. 29, Ankara: Koza Publications).

According to the report of the History Foundation, religious beliefs
are presented as positive suggestions in school books.
Traditions are shown as incompatible with a critical mind.
When religion is described as a “culture”, morality is reduced to religiosity.

Ok so teaching or 'promoting' religion is a bad thing? I think maybe if more people
were religious they wouldn't be so many wars?

“My mother bought a blanket from a door-to-door salesperson.
But when my father came home in the evening, he said that the blanket
could not be paid with this month’s budget, and said we would have
to give it back.” (E. A. Kolukısa (2007)
Primary School Social Studies 6, p. 22, Ankara: A Publications).

- Stop here and think of what that sentence means to you?
Then scroll down and see if you thought the same as they are claiming
in the article that this sentence portrays.

This sentence shows a woman who cannot make decisions, as well as a male-dominated family.

Are you kidding me? All I thought when I read that is that 'there is no money
this month and they could not afford it. Never would I have thought, 'the woman
is too stupid to know how much money they have and keeps spending! AACCKKK

Okey so after all these I have a few thoughts on how the world is progressing.
First of all I think the 'family unit' is broken down and not 'cherished' anymore.
Yes both sets of parents may be working and it is no longer only the man who is
the bread winner, but that does not mean that we need to forget about family life.

Women have babies, and usually those babies take about 6months to one year to
become able to be left with someone else other than their mother. So, yeah in
that time the "man" of the house is going to have to provide, and is that so wrong??
Morals and values have seem to been abandoned, in the pursuit of wealth and

I really cannot believe that those books are being questioned, well ok,
I can believe they are being questioned (and there are some aspects
of the article that I agree with, some things really should be re-evaluated
by the Turkish schools) but to be accused of Human Rights violations
for printing such things? I mean come on people....lets be realistic!

If put under a microscope and analyzed in these terms I would like to know
which nation in the world would not be violating Human Rights?

I would really like some opinions on this article - well at least the quotes
I've posted above. Do you agree, or not or have another opinion?


Almallena said...

Asalaam walikum

I totally agree with you, these people just want to have a reason to knit pick at something. But they dont make any sense in their allegations against the book... its like they're responding to some other book...this is crazy.

Ines said...

Though provoking article for sure. Without quoting...isn't the father the food provider , in fact provider of everything in material terms? The mother may choose to work but it is not compulsory on her to provide.
Take care sis.

أم ترافيس said...

I agree with you - its quite a stretch. But I see people everywhere doing these things - reading into it, something that doesnt exist. THEY are the one with serious issues. On the other hand sis, you know Turkey is very secular - even athiest I have heard - and they WANT to push out anything religious (especially Islamic) out the door.

Aalya said...

Thank you for the comments!

The funny think about Turkey is they have this internal struggle - secular and not secular. The whole country is like divided, they really need to find their own identity and realize that if you are 'religious' it does not make you inferior (sadly many people think that way there)

Anonymous said...

The only thing *I* find might be an issue is that fact that Kurdish names are not included. There are many Kurds in Turkey and they were discriminated against (i.e. couldn't speak their own language for one).
They're not foreign, they're Turkish (and Kurdish).


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