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Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Is it just me or has it become quiet in the blogging world?
Somehow lately I've felt that there are no good discussions
going on... well maybe its my reader list that has gone quiet,
although I must admit I have not blogged so frequently either lately.

I think I'm starting to miss reading posts. It used to be that when
I would refresh my reader list so many blog posts would be there
but now that is not the case. Maybe I'm just bored, that could very
well be it too.

An update from me is that I am still going on with the fertility tests.
I have gone three times now and I have to go again tomorrow for
another ultra sound and blood work.

It's quite interesting to see how the body works...right now I'm at
the follicular phase - Subhanallah it makes me think how wonderful
it all is and I can't help but be in wonder and amazement at how
Allah has created us!


Candice said...

I kinda feel the same way! It *has* gone quiet around here! I know you have been away for a while, and I am on a sort of break myself from blogging, but I still read... But as you said, there's not as much to read as there once was. I sort of want to post, but I'm not figuring out much to say.
I will work on my part in making your reader list interesting! I should be posting soon. haha

Lisa said...

I agree and wonder if it's just spring break. When school is in session many more seek solace in the blog world :)

I had no idea you were married to a Turk. My first husband was a great guy and Turkish. And I'm so sorry about your infertility woes. All of my friends had trouble and down the road they all have an average of 4 kids each. I know it will be ok. I feel bad for desperately wanting a 2nd child and you humble me dear one. Thinking and praying for you Aalya.

Adventurous Ammena said...

yeh I agree... mucho quiet at la momento hehee... as you know ive been having real life issues for the past few weeks.. thats my reasoning :D but im always around (as you know yourself) but insha'allah it will pick up soon

Anonymous said...

are you kidding?? check up there are some good blogs out there with reat entires. surf around and add some more to ur list! if youre talking about drama tho there isnt much of tht which is good.

Aalya said...

Thanks everyone! Candice I look forward to any updates :) Just blog about what you feel!

Lisa thanks for dropping by... how's your blog going? Hope things are getting better! It's kind of funny that so many of my friends are having fertility issues, I think it maybe age related, as we have all waited until (cough cough older) now to start a family - Hopefully things will work out - thanks for the prayers

Ms. Adventerous thanks for being around - Inshallah things will settle down for you!

Anonymous - Hmm I know there are lots of fab blogs out there its just that right now my reader list has been quiet. If you notice my reader list is quite big... lol if I add anymore blogger may have a panic!

Constructive Attitude said...

Yeah going back to what lisa said, it is spring break and people are out tanning.

sucks for us since we're obviously not doing that.

أم ترافيس said...

assalamu alaykum

dear anon - who do you read?

i have like 100 blogs on my list, but find a lot of ppl like to talk about "fluff" LOL - mostly i skim read - been like that for months for me.


Lisa said...

The blog is going good and life i getting better. My prayers are with you Aalya. I know it will happen soon and when it does it may even be octuplets (I know you'll do a better job with them too!)

Aalya said...

Oh my (falls off chair)eight babies!! I'm happy for all that God gives but subhanallah 8 would be too much at one time for me... 2 maybe It's all God's will

Anonymous said...

true! very quiet subhan'Allah!

controlled chaos said...

Ummm this isn't really commenting on your post...butt what do you mean by when you keep saying falls off chair eight babies
I don't get it.

Oh and I agree with you about the way the body functions. Its amazing the miracles of Allah.

controlled chaos said...

Oh and u have an award

Aalya said...

I was trying to be funny from the previous comment about having 8 children - as I am sitting at my desk I 'fell' off of it from shock... hmm explaining it kind of takes away the humour I was going

Thanks for the


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