Job stuff and life in general

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

I haven't fallen off the planet (just yet) I've been kind of stressed lately
and just didn't have time to blog as work was kind of crazy.
For the past two days I have been seriously debating leaving this job
and finding a new one. I even applied for one - no answer.
When I was looking at the things I was qualified for I realized that I just
do not want to do the same job I have been doing for over ten years. I
need a change but I don't know how I can do that? I mean how do you leave
a job you've done for so long and change to something completely unknown?
It struck me that my conversion to Islam was the same, I went from the very
familiar to the very un-familiar. The transition was less than favourable, as I
felt completely lost and bewildered.

So now is it any different? Yes it is but I still feel lost,
who am I really, how do I fit in with the rest of the Muslims out there?
Well, the answer is that I don't really and I think that is ok.
We need to be our own person and if that means we don't fit in with a
certain group, well then create your own group or live the best life you can live!
Wow, off on a tangent I went!

As for the job stuff...I am a bit more relaxed now, as that moment of
"I cannot work here for another moment" has passed. I still want and need to
make a change and I am praying that God will lead me into the place I need to
be, so for now I'll just keep my eyes open! Inshallah!

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أم ترافيس said...

I always need a change too... I studied psychology and did behavioural therapy but it got boring too... everything does, that is why I went for a job with contract sso it would always be changing... Im so like that. My mom used to always say I cant stick with anything, but thats just the way I am.

About the not fitting in with muslims, I think that it is definately more difficult where you are, I honestly couldnt imagine how isolated I would feel. Ya - true, Cairo has it's quirks, but it is so much easier to find ppl like me here :) Alhumdullah... of course... not exactly like me... but somewhat ;)

Love u hun! Chin up... nothing stays the same for long, alhumdullah we are always changing and in need of change. Do whatever ur heart desires! As long as it is halal! :)


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