Do Muslims have a 'holy' day?

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

So lately for about six months or so my Mother has re-invented
(well that's my way of describing it) her religious beliefs. Yeah no,
it's not to Islam (Inshallah one day she can see the beauty of it)
but instead has gone into a more radical form of Christianity.
(at least I feel it is more radical for her)
So I called her this morning to say I'm at work and everything is
fine (yes I call her - she worries). So she asked me where I got some
chicken bones I used for soup (they were Kosher type) and she assumed
I went to a Jewish type of store. I said no it's just from a local
grocery store that happens to sell Kosher and Halal stuff. I ask
her does she need more? She says no I need 'unleavened' bread.
Huh? I'm instantly taken back to the Old testament bible, and the
stories of Moses and then eating unleavened bread because they had
no yeast or rather time for it to rise. I was about to ask what she
needed that for but really at 8am I was not in the mood to hear about
it at all. I assumed it's for Easter. I think I will ask her on the weekend
what its all about? We only go on Sunday as my Mother now keeps
Saturday as a holy day (Yeah she is not Jewish, but some other form
of Christianity - she has not told me which though)
So this all got me to thinking... Do Muslims have a holy day?
Ok, so before people jump on me and say its Friday/Jummah I mean
was there a day set apart from all other days? The Jewish and
Christian have a day of 'rest' and a day for worshiping God.
Is Friday that kind of day? I don't really think Friday is considered in that
way in Islam. But then I have to think (May Allah forgive me) why in
so much of old history does God want a holy day but then there is no such
thing in Islam?

Anyone can shed any light on this for me?


hadah said...

assalamualaikum, i think there is no holy day for us coz we pray to Allah five times daily. but i think we can refer to the month of ramadhan as our holy month cos that whole month is the time where we can do more deeds and prayers to get the reward in Jannah

أم ترافيس said...

Prophet Muhammad (sallahu alayhi wa sallam) once saw the Ansaar celebrating a certain day. He inquired about that and was informed: This is one of two days that we used to celebrate in Jaahiliyyah (pre-Islaamic ignorance) and we continue to do so. He replied: Nay! Allah has substituted for you two better days: the day of al-Fitr and the day of al-Adhhaa. [Authentic; narrated by Ahmad, an-Nasaaee, and others]

In addition to these two days, the Jumu ah (Friday) is an eid day. The Prophet (sallahu alayhi wa sallam) said: This is a day which Allaah has designated as an eid for Muslims. [Authentic] From this and the previous hadeeth, we conclude that Muslims have only three eid days, a weekly eid every Friday, and two annual eids, al-Fitr and al-Adhhaa.

It appears to me to be a day for celebration :) To NOT WORK basically and be with our family, friends, and think about our blessings!

Aalya said...

Thanks for the replies

So Friday is a day of no work? (ideally) - In that way it does seem like Friday is the 'holy' day (in a way though)
Thanks for the info about the Hadiths!

Stance of Muslimah said...

Thank you for posting this thought..

أم ترافيس said...

Yes I have heard it called a holy day, I dont see the problem with it, Allahu alim, I was just trying to find a reasoning for the "holy" day. Also there are hadiths that say no business should be operating till after the khutbah (Jumuah prayer)... but Im too tired right now to look for it. But anyway, now you know it is an Eid... yay! Thats good news :)

Jamilah said...

And you are supposed to go back and work when Jummah is done, in fact its the sunnah to do so. We don't take the whole day, because like what another poster said...we pray 5 times a day... every day to us is a 'holy' day as it were.

Aalya said...

Mashallah that sounds good `everyday is a holy day`


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