Don't you just love being censored!

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Not really an important blog entry but there is something I need
to get off my chest! I visit an online forum (which will remain
nameless) for Muslims, they were originally on MSN but moved
to their own site after MSN closed down the groups pages. Anyway,
I was a member of that MSN site for a long time and there is actually
where I learned so much about Islam and ended up saying my Shahada
online... so after not being in contact with that group (another long story)
I was so happy to see that it was back online and I also started to talk to
the 'old' members...mashallah it was nice to catch up again!

So, last week there was an article on there that was talking about how
women in Saudi Arabia were forced to go and buy underwear from Men
as they would not employ Women.
So me being me, I posted a comment that said:
I agree... I think it is absolutely the most ridiculous thing in the
world to have Men selling undergarments to women...and above
all in Saudi where there are religious police running around
ensuring 'modesty' is obeyed! I mean really - anyone see some
hypocrisy there?

As well just on that topic... Women are not allowed to drive,
because they will be a distraction to Men? Hmm? Well fine but
then why are they expected to be chauffeured around by a non-mahram?
Somehow that is alright by their standards? I think they need to
think things through a bit more!
This was the reply as to why the post was deleted
Members were leaving comments about how things are run
and about them having hypocrisy, this is not from the manhaj
(methodology) of the salaf and it opposes the sunnah.
You make duaa for the leader or advise them in private,
it is not for us to speak about their sins and talk about them
publicy and we should obey them as long as they do not tell us to
do haram, and before we look at our leaders we should look at
ourselves because the muslims as a whole need to start following
islam and Allah will not change our situation until we change what
is in ourselves, so we have the rulers we deserve.
InshaAllahi will provide the daleel (proof) for these points.
Hmm... look at this and please someone tell me is this not
the definition of hypocrisy?

"and we should obey them as long as they do not tell us to do haram,"

Hmm... isn't driving with a non-mahram against sharia?
Allahu alim, I mean really someone tell me I was wrong?
Don't we have an obligation to encourage the right and forbid
evil? Anyway I don't know I just don't like being censored like that.

I looked back now and see that the post is back... it seems they had
a change of heart. Still I don't like when I'm deleted!


أم ترافيس said...

my thoughts?

ok, well driving with a non-mahram is not allowed, while alone, and my husband has told me not to do so (even in a taxi) although before marriage I did so, cuz what else am I gonna do? ;)

But I dont think the Saudi govt is telling ppl to drive with a driver and not a mahram - perhaps they are allowing it but I dont think they are telling u to "do haram".

All that said, i think there is a problem with Saudi culture, that they do not consider drivers to be "real" men, and of course this has nothing to Shariah and in fact it *is* wrong Islamically.

Also I dont think you did anything wrong, you didnt criticize a *specific* action of a *specific* person and are merely mentioning things which are well known about Saudi and the problems which exist there.

But back to driving for a moment, I dont know if you recall *this post*

But it kinda makes me understand the whole not driving thing in this day and age...

When I told my husband what happened that day, he told me not to get out of the car LOL if it happened again :)

HUmdullah, ma shaa Allah, I have a husband that does not allow me to mix in any situation and always tries to prevent "mishaps" but is also fair and just. He always tries to find an Islamic compromise - even if he is putting himself out! Poor guy!

I do think it is possible.

Now as for what govt's do, well we know that Saudi, although is most similar to an Islamic state then anywhere else, is not completely according to Shariah.. so what do we expect?

BTW I read that article, I think it IS stupid and weird that men sell lingerie. Its like that a lot here too and in most Gulf countries, I dont even know why! Like dude, have some pride!

Aalya said...

Thanks for your thoughts!

I can agree that driving is probably akin to a Zoo there (I know Turkey is the same) and I would not want to drive but I like to have the option of doing so. Didn't Women in the early Islamic age ride on Camels... I feel this is like that? But only Allah knows best!

Basically I just didn't like that they were putting words in my mouth, so to speak!

Saudi is where Mecca is and I consider that a holy place, but I do not consider the whole country as holy, and they know that there are problems there! Inshallah things will get resolved one day!

Inshallah I will continue to pray for all those who have fallen off of the sitral-mustaqueem / straight path!

أم ترافيس said...

"Didn't Women in the early Islamic age ride on Camels..."

Yes exactly. That is why it is not haram to drive - Saudi is just making it so, Allah only knows why, but I hope it is with good intentions!

Candice said...

I hate being censored too. I had a similar experience on another blog some time ago. I think you're totally right in what you posted, and right in posting it too. People need to talk about it for things to change. This is not like a local leader, for example an imam, who would be approachable in private about the problems with his leadership, but a whole government.

I hope women in Saudi will one day be able to work and drive like they should.

Almallena said...

Asalaam walikum, yeah that is totally ridiculous, and having men sell lingerie is just bad situation waiting to be set off. Its like telling banning Women obgyns, and just having males in that field, which would straight up be haram in itself. I mean if its a dire need then yes go to the man if there are no women available, but the whole setting is just not islamic at all. Yeah I agree that yeah Mecca is the islamic part of Saudi, and the rest of it is being ruled by customs that my just have a touch of Islam, but a lot of it is going by culture, because if it was going by islam, then they wouldnt be forcing women to by women products from men, doesnt make sense what so ever.

Ahxuan said...

salam, i guess tactful remarks may help them change. :)

Almallena said...

Salaams, can you give me the link to that article about men selling lingerie?

Aalya said...

This was the link for the article

Adventurous Ammena said...

hmm.. well im sure you know my opinions on the whole thing.. lets not go there eh?! ;)


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