Journey to Mecca - The movie

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

So on Friday we watched the movie Journey to Mecca

I really liked the movie mostly because it was in the IMAX format, which means that you have the feeling of being inside the movie. The story was about a traveller who had a dream that he had to travel and get knowledge, his first step was to do the hajj. Mashallah the scenes were so inspiring and dramatic. It was filmed in the desert, with the sand, camels and made you feel as if you were really there standing in the desert! The scenes that had the Kabbah was truly dramatic and made me feel as if I was there witnessing the Hajj and saw the expressions on the faithful's faces. There was a scene that showed many hundreds praying and it was just before they went into sujud, standing and then going into prostrations, the sound of the rustling as they went down to kneel and then complete silence as they had their foreheads to the ground. I was so moved by that - there were literally hundreds of thousands there all worshiping at the same time - subhanallah !!
My only regret was that the movie was short, only about 45 minutes - it would have been nice to have the story develop more.

The place that we went to see the movie was the local science center and they also had an exhibit called 'Sultan's of Science' it was very good and informative! Truly the Islamic world and Muslims in general have contributed so much to the world, if only the world would see and learn!
I am really so happy that this exhibit was shown and I can only hope that some kids and adults will learn more about Islam from all of these scientific discoveries!

I took a few pictures of some banners that were hanging and mashallah they were all words associated with the discoveries, inventions of Muslims!

I think I am going to research more of these topics - Mashallah they had a big exhibit on the medical instruments that Muslim doctors used and then beside that they had the new modern version of it and most of them were very similar - basically a newer version of them!
Really a good exhibit and movie! I am so glad that I had a chance to see it all!


Leslie said...

What a cool museum exhibit!

Istanbul has a pretty new "Islamic Science and Technology Historical Museum," in Gulhane Park - the building is so beautiful and I think it has the best air-conditioning in the city, too. ;) We went when it was just still brand-new so they didn't have English translations yet for most of the displays!!

Ayan said...

Salaam sis,

I'm going to go see it on this coming weekend inshAllah, they will be screening it at my local museum! So far I watched the trailer on youtube and the behind the scene making of this film. SubhanAllah the made the scene of the 'old' Mecca/pilgrimage in a remote desert in Morocco! Truly amazing footing, just can't wait to see it inshAllah :)

Ahxuan said...

salam, the movie is in french. very touching story.

Ms.Unique said...

Wow dats so nice ... :)


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