Sinus and feeling crappy ... and photo happy

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Sorry no interesting blogs lately... can't seem to think of anything of worth lately. Well that's not true but it is all trivial stuff and meaningless (to me anyway). I have however been emersing myself in my photography. I am currently struggling with photoshop and I must say that I am making progress, more so than I thought I would only 6 months ago! Woo Hoo!!
So if anyone is interested these are my current pictures
(I've joined a Muslimah photography group on Flickr and I'm addicted!)

Flickr Photostream

As well I think I have 'sinuses' (dah...I know we all do!) rather I am feeling them and my nose is dripping incensntly! Anyone have some 'home made' remedies for it? I would rather not take any medicine for it right now (long story as to why not) and was thinking if anyone suffers from sinuses and has a good cure for them? (sniff sniff) Thanks!

So that's all right now...I'm waiting for the weekend and happily waiting for spring which I think Subhanallah has finally arrived!

Enjoy your days!


أم ترافيس said...

You are stuffed or runny? Im confused! Your post says runny but ur characture says stuffed! LOL


Try this book:

Also in black seed the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned, in it, there is a cure for everything but death. Take it with honey, also a much loved cure from the Sunnah :)

And if u r stuff, try inhaling peppermint oil, having hot steamy showers, or putting your head over a bowl of boiled water with a towel on your head and in hale the steam... um.. also vicks is super :) I miss vick vaporub LOL soooooooo refreshing ;)

Aalya said...

Im mostly (there was no icon for runny!)

I actually should be getting some of that black seed (its in honey) this week or next (had to order it special)

I'll have to try the vicks vaporub...I've read that you can put that in a bowl of steaming water and inhale? Can you or just use it on your skin?

Thanks for the link

Lisa said...

I've also been sick with the flu the past few days. I've been using lemon cough drops like their going out of style and drinking lots of tea. Really chicken soup is always the best!

Inshallah I hope you feel better Aalya. You really haven't missed much in the blog world, it seems there's a bit of a lull lately. I'm really excited about your pictures, and just opened a Shutterfly account. Love you lots and I totally understand your adversion to medicine.


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