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Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

This is just amazing...subhanallah that the child was not hurt!
Just goes to show you that everything is by the will of Allah

Turkish Boy Run Down in Horrific Car Crash (VIDEO)

A boy was walking along the street in Sanliurfa, Turkey, when a car swerved to avoid hitting a dog, lost control and slammed into him, knocking him down a set of concrete steps
. The accident was caught on CCTV video.

The boy, Muhammet Dirlik, was hit by the car which then crashed through a store window just a few feet away. Miraculously, he jumped up and ran to his father.

The boy’s father, Ibrahim Dirlik, said: “I saw my son come towards me crying, but we were not aware he had been hit by the car. We thought he was just scared by the crash. We only realised the next day that the car had hit my son.”


Hajar said...

Subhanallah! Is the boy really alright? I thought this was some speeding public service announcement!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh the poor little guy! Hope he is okay. It's been a day of bad news in the states from the death of Michael Jackson to Farrah Fawcett. SubhanAllah how life gets in the way sometimes. Love you!


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