I love when people don't listen to what you say...

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

I am still stuck at work its already 6:10 and usually I leave
at 4:30 but what to do ...

I just had to get this out...I answer the phone by saying,
"Good afternoon (company name)"
It's one of those survey things...she starts off her spiel and
she goes 'are there any females between the ages of 18-60 in
the home'
I told her 'this is not a residence!" She goes oh, sorry!

Well hellooooo who answers the phone with 'good afternoon ABC company'
if it were a house?? HMm.... hmmmm?? Arrrrr I can't stand it when people
don't listen!
It happens all the time too!!

Okey Im almost ready to go home now...another 15 mins inshallah left
then I can drive home and make dinner...oh joy??

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Candice said...

People really really don't listen! I answer "Candice speaking, how can I help you?" and if someone wants to speak to Samantha from the same office, they just assume I'm her and go on, "Hi Samantha! ..".

Or else they totally misunderstand my name. I OFTEN get called Heather. Regularly names like Catherine, Sandy, Kendra and others... So strange! I pronounce it the same way every time!


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