If it looks like a Mosque...

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Tonight hubby and I and another couple are going to a Turkish
eating place/restaurant. I am not looking forward to it too
much only because the place is inside a Mosque.

Now me being a revert and all sometimes I will carry my
"Catholic baggage" with me. So because of that I have a problem with putting
'money making' things inside a place of worship.
I kind of go back to the story in the bible of where Jesus tore up
the market place because they were selling stuff outside the temple
and on a Sabbath (I think). Basically don't be making a profit where
people come to worship. I like that idea so the first time I saw a
restaurant under a Mosque I was more than surprised. It was in
Turkey, that a big beautiful Mosque had a restaurant under it and to the
side, the place was beautifully decorated and all but somehow it just
didn't sit right with me.
We went exploring around the building a bit and went
inside the restaurant and there was a corridor, so of course I wanted to
see what was there. Well as we kept walking there was a clothing store and
a food store. Oh my... what next?? Luckily there was nothing more to it.
Ok, it wasn't really under the Mosque but more towards the right of it and
down a level or two. But still I felt like it was wrong, somehow?
I tried to reassure myself that this was yet another case of, my "Catholic
Baggae" inter-fearing with Muslim beliefs. So I asked hubby if this was 'ok'
and something 'normal', he said yeah they do it a lot in Turkey.

Ok, but that still didn't answer my question, is it allowed or encouraged to do so?
I found this online by accident actually.
(ok so this question relates mostly to building of a 'rental apartment' but
there were some parts that answered my question)

Based on this fact, the Hanafi Fuqaha state that once a Mosque is built,
it will not be permitted to build anything else on top of the Mosque or below it.
It will not be permitted, for example, to build shops, a library, a house,
rooms for resting, toilets and other such things above or below the Mosque.
"If a basement was made under the Mosque for a purpose that is
beneficial for the Mosque itself, then this is permitted, as is the case
with the Masjid of al-Quds. However, if the basement or vault is made
for the benefit of other than the Mosque or a house was made on top of
the Mosque….. then the Mosque will not remain.”
Therefore, it would be permitted, for example, to build below the Mosque
the ablution area for the usage of those attending prayers, a library,
shops that are given on rent with the revenue returning to the Mosque and
other such facilities. Similarly, it will be permitted, for example, to build a house
or rooms on top of the Mosque for the Imam, as that is in the interests of
the Mosque (provided the house does not come into the personal
ownership of the Imam). Similarly, it will be permitted to make rooms
that are rented out with the rental income returning to the Mosque.
However, what will not be allowed is to have someone build his own
personal house above the Mosque or someone have his own personal
shop below the Mosque, etc

So technically it is allowed as long as the profits go to the Mosque.
Hmm interesting yet again my baggage has bogged me down, so to speak.
I can also understand that we live in a world that you need money to survive
and the governments don't really give any money to Mosques (I'm not
certain but I am fairly sure they would not) so they need to have money
in order to keep the place in order, etc. So in that way it is a very good thing.

As well maybe it is a good thing to have other things inside or around
the Mosque as it will create a more community feel for it?
Hmm don't know it will take time to digest all this
(haha yeah I know funny as I am going to a eating place!)

The funny thing is that I saw an Orthodox church that had a pharmacy
attached to it - here in Toronto! Go figure?

Your thoughts?

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Lisa said...

That is so strange Aalya! I have been to many Turkish masjids, but never seen a restaurant within. We do have lots of bookstores within mosques here, so it's my hope that the money is going to poor Palestinian kids or at least to building new masjids.

I am sort of jealous of the yummy food and mingling with the camaat sisters! I miss the Turks a lot! Hope all is well with you and baby. Baby will love the food for sure :) Love you so much!


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