First pregnancy related purchase

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Just thought I would share my first pregnancy purchase mashallah.

It's a band that goes around your tummy so you can still wear your
regular pants (unbuttoned) and not have them fall down you have
a bumpy appearance. I actually will inshallah get a lot of use out of this
as my back is always cold and somehow the longest of tops will slide up and
my back will be exposed - this always happens in the car and I hate it!

So now I will be able to wear some of my clothes for much longer
than I though I would have....because I do feel my mid-section growing!

I am now 10 weeks alhamduillah! I have another ultra-sound at
12 weeks inshallah all will be well - please keep 'us' in your dua's.


clare said...

This comment is a little late, but I thought you might like this article-
insha'Allah all will continue to go well for you!

Lisa said...

I was totally thinking that you were going to show us the crib sweetie! That is such a good idea though! Wishing you well on your next appointment and love you lots.

sonya said...

Hey thats a great band. I got a belley band to actually go around my bump as it got so heavy i needed a bit of support with it. Does the band attach to your clothes?


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