What kind of tea...

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

I am slowly crawling back to blogging life.
I know it has been a while and I have missed telling you all
about my 'oh so exciting lifestyle' (insert sarcasim)

I say over at Teabreak thoughts
some quizzes so of course I had to try them out!

You Are Tea

You are mellow and reflective. You don't allow yourself to feel in a rush and frenzied.

You're likely to appreciated the ideas or connections that come up over a warm cup of tea.
While you do enjoy the energy of a caffeine boost, you love that it allows you to take a break.

You're not in a rush to do anything. You're content with your life, and in no rush to change it.

I kind of feel I am a coffee person more... but hey I do like making connections to people
and I do love to 'take a break' so maybe its right!

You Are White Tea

You are quite delicate and very sensitive. You are easily overwhelmed.

Peace and serenity are important to you. You shy away from intensity of any sort.

You appreciate a simple quiet moment. You can relax easily without feeling bored.

You take the time to enjoy life. Even when things are busy, you make the time.

So what type of Tea are you?

I think today will be filled with some mindless posts...but I am working on something
more interesting - stay tuned!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Welcome back habibty! I missed you but am glad you had a break to reflect and enjoy life.

I think White Tea is more suited to me. But, neither is 100%.

What a cute little quiz! You and Umm Travis have good ideas...

Can't wait for your next post. Love you lots.


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