Ramadan preparations

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Ramadan is either tomorrow or the next day and I am starting it tomorrow... and yes I know that the N. American start is Saturday but I have the calendar from the Mosque and it says tomorrow and besides that they have not sighted the moon yet, they could tonight which means its tomorrow. Personally I feel that it is more important to fast, pray and do good this whole month + or - one day!

So I have a few goals this year as I will not be fasting - yeah don't you all jump on me! - I have my reasons, and this little one in here is the primary one! I am worried because the days are long for fasting and I have to drive all the way home (40km drive one way) and also my Mom is with us this year so that makes it a bit more difficult, only because I know that she would not agree with me fasting (she knows I fast during Ramadan) right now. So inshallah I will try and make it up when I can, I will inshallah be breast-feeding so it may be a while, we'll see. I have looked at the rulings of what is expected of the pregnant/breastfeeding woman, and to be honest I got a headache trying to determine what I should and should not do. So I have decided - may Allah forgive me and accept what I do - to give money to 'feed' a poor person for the whole month as well as making up the fast at a later date, inshallah. Some rulings say that you do not need to give the charity for the food, but I think why not? I do not give enough during the year so I feel this is a good opportunity to give more.

As well I am going to try and get up for suhur with hubby and make him something good to eat, this is a really struggle for me as I HATE TO GET UP THAT EARLY! but I feel its something I can do to 'make' up for not fasting. (I'll see how jolly I am to get up that early)

I really want to try and learn at least one more Quran sura, I have really been lacking with this, I am ashamed to say but it is reality.

As for food I will be cooking just normal foods but I will also be trying a few things out - first one is Ramazan pide (Turkish bread they make at Ramadan time - recipe is in that link)
also I made stuffed dates, I just love those!
They are just dates that are split and filled with ground almonds that has been mixed with powdered sugar and vanilla if you like - they are just so yummy and filling- mashallah!

So, inshallah all our prayers, fasts and charity will be accept and Allah keeps us on the right path always!


Candice said...

I don't think I would fast either in your position. It's so important for you to follow your bodies needs while you're pregnant for your little one. Giving for the needy is a great alternative. I'm so worried about starting to fast for the first time. I really hope it's Saturday so I can have a weekend done before I start working Monday! And lunch is paid tomorrow at work so I don't want to miss out really!

Anyway, I'm glad everything is going well for you in your pregnancy. I hope that will continue all the way through until you have a healthy baby! How exciting! :)

Anonymous said...

Yaay, Ramazan pide sounds yummy. :)
When I was breastfeeding I did not fast when they were under a year. For my youngest, I fasted when she was older (I think she was 19 months old), because I wasn't worried about the milk supply - she was eating normal food too. I figure that since it's mentioned in the Qur'an that pregnant/breastfeeding women are exempted, that it's good to not fast ... even if one is able to fast it might hurt the child, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Would someone really jump on you for not fasting?? I always thought it was an automatic "given" that pregnant women should not fast.....

It sounds like you have a very good plan for the month, though, insh'Allah.

And if you really do make successful Ramazan pide, you'll be my hero! :p I'm a horrible baker... I'm so glad we can just buy that here!

(Did I tell you that I changed my blog, to here from Blogspot? I'll email you if you don't know who I am, ha ha :) )

Yasmeen said...

Ramadan Kareem to you and your family Sister.I did not fast both during pregnant and breastfeeding,Allah is most forgiving.

Anonymous said...

Zaytuna has put up a really good section for ramadan resources. Go through the Ramadan Fiqh lecture and you'll get a pretty good idea of Ramadan do's and dont's.


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