Ramadan Day 1

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

So I thought I would share what I made the first day of Ramadan.
The filled dates (with ground almonds, sugar)

As well as the Turkish Ramazan Pide - which Mashallah turned out wonderfully! It was enjoyed by everyone! It takes some work but well worth the time and effort!

I have been trying to keep up with the Quran reading but have fallen behind a bit, inshallah I will catch up today.

Also have another "Mom encounters Muslim experience" We went to an arabic grocery store to stock up on some meats and veggies and other goodies! LOL
I love that store because everything is so fresh and at a reasonable price! So anyway, because Ramadan was starting they had a huge section of dates. (mashallah so many different types - even fresh ones - oh btw can anyone tell me exactly how you know the fresh ones are ripe to eat? We bought some and I tried a few but I think they are still 'green') While we were perusing the date selection my Mom looks up and sees a sign that says : 'Ramadan Mubarek' and asks me what does that mean, so I just without even thinking say " It means 'happy' Ramadan' (grin) then she moves on to other things. LOL I think she sometimes doesn't realize things - probably will hit her later on or rather it will hit me that she probably already figures I am Muslim...and is just waiting for me to actually say it? So continues the saga of Mom ... stay tuned!


Adventurous Ammena said...

masha'allah, all good experiences sis :) nice looking treats you got cooking there :D well done you

WhiteOrchid said...

those look yummy :)

Laila Of Course! said...

Oh yum! How do you make the dates?! Care to elaborate?

Be sure and pop by and leave a note!!


Aalya said...

Thank you everyone :)

Laila _ I use ground up almonds, you can use almonds that have the skins or without (for these ones I forgot to skin them and just ground them up as is!) add in a bit of powdered sugar (not too much - I put too much in mine and it became too sweet) and a bit of water so it holds together! Then you just take large sized dates, remove the pits and fill them! They will last a few days and not dry out too much!


Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

i just recently discovered Pide and yummy it is too!

Quest said...

I love your signature, artsy like your cooking :-)

big hugs sis,

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow, belated congratulations on the awesome bread!

Anonymous said...

I also do my dates in a similar way, but if you add a little rose water rather than plain water then it makes a huge difference and they taste wonderful. Just a little rose water though, otherwise they can be spoilt, i have done that before lol.

Aalya said...

Thanks Sonya - I think I got that recipe from you last year! Im not very fond of rosewater but I'll give it a try

Good to see you online - how's everything?


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