Did anyone watch this program from the past...

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

I know strange title but I couldn't think of anything else... anyway the program I am talking about is "Touched by an Angel" (I think only North Americans will know of this program) was a nice, mushy series about some angels who come to help out us humans, they are basically doing God's work here on earth... agree or not with it, it was a nice wholesome program that at least was trying to get across good values! So why am I bringing this up? Well because I have found the Turkish equivalent for it! LOL no really and its been translated into English! I first watched the Turkish version with hubby and he had to explain everything to me but somehow I kind of liked it! So now quite by accident I found a Turkish-American TV channel that shows them !

So if you feel like check out the episodes, (you can download and then watch them as well)

Actually the whole website shows different programs (most of them are religion based - which is nice!) I am slowly exploring the rest of the site...will let you all know of any more good programs!

Ebru TV


Anonymous said...

I used to watch that 'touched by an angel' show. :)
And I know my hubby was talking about that fifth dimension show, he likes it. :) hubby also likes that one other show ... where the one guy becomes a shaheed in the first episode and then goes around helping people ... I think it's called 'Besinci Boyut'.

Adventurous Ammena said...

cute.. my mum loves this program (touched by an angel) and ill admit to watching it a few times with the hankies ;)

Aalya said...

Aynur that Besinci Boyut is the Fifth Dimension :) just that its in English

Anonymous said...

Aalya - duh I'm so silly yeah it's the Turkish version lololol

Quest said...

let's hear it for Turkish TV!! Totally, and you know I realize that here in Beirut, also, many older - as in 10years ago - kind of shows are really popular today to people here, and are translated not only in Arabic but all kinds of languages accessible to people in the mid east (wherever they are in the world, of course).

What would we do without the net, eh? An addiction worst that cafe moccha with whipped cream on top!

with sunshine,:)

gaelikaa said...

Angels are fascinating.


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