Guarding each others's honour - Husbands and Wives!

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

I got to thinking about something I read online a great article about guarding your husbands honour on the blog Ignite the light within

It talks about how women should guard the honour of their husbands. There are some excellent points in it to remember and keep in mind always. I have seen so many women who really 'bash' their husbands to their friends, some are just vicious about it - I always feel sad when I hear things like that because I believe that problems like that should not be out in the pubic. I think perhaps talking with a close friend or relative is a better way than to engage in gossip with your girlfriends. Now, to be honest I too have talked a bit about my husband, but I know that it will not go any farther than that person I talked with, and really it wasn't something bad he did more of an annoyance that I had to 'get' out and by doing that I got over it.

As I was reading it though I also thought how I never really see articles like this pointed towards men. Hmm? Now why is that? (or have I just not gone on the right sites or read much? Don't know but if anyone can point me in the direction of some good articles for the 'brothers and husbands, I would appreciate it!)
Why could the article not focus on both husbands and wives. I mean really I have heard lots of husbands complain just as much about their wives to their friends, etc. It really is human nature but that does not mean it is an excuse. I would love to see some good articles for men/husbands by men/husbands - now wouldn't that be great?

There is one part of the article that really touched me and gave me hope and inspiration.

Remember that in every command of Allah lies a potent hikmah, a hidden wisdom that is beneficial for you. He loves you seventy times more than your well-wishing mother. Run to Him – in salah [regular Islamic prayer], dua [praying to Him], dhikr [His remembrance by the tongue and heart], and istighfar [seeking His forgiveness for sins] – whenever you have a bone to pick with your husband. For the solution and the solace after the storm, trust in Allah. If you keep your duty to Him, He will never relinquish you – rather, He will fill your home with unbridled peace, harmony and tranquility.

Ok I've gone on long enough about this...I want to know what you all think?


أم ترافيس said...

assalamu alaykum, i think it is becuz men dont gossip like women. sometimes i say to my husband "just ask your friends, they will agree" on something, for example, and he tells me that men (generally) dont talk about stuff like that.

btw love the new look!

Jaz said...

essalaamu aleikum

I loved this post, I agree with Umm Travis its because women gossip a whole lot more I think.
And not gossiping about my husband is something I will definitely keep in mind because I would hate it if he talked to his friends about my shortcomings.


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