Niqab ban... why is it always about clothing?

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Came across this article on the banning of Niqab in Egypt

Egypt cleric 'to ban full veils'

Egyptian women in full veil, or niqab
The niqab has become increasingly popular among Egypt's Muslim radicals

Egypt's highest Muslim authority has said he will issue a religious edict against the growing trend for full women's veils, known as the niqab.

Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi, dean of al-Azhar university, called full-face veiling a custom that has nothing to do with the Islamic faith.

Although most Muslim women in Egypt wear the Islamic headscarf, increasing numbers are adopting the niqab as well.

The practice is widely associated with more radical trends of Islam.

The niqab question reportedly arose when Sheikh Tantawi was visiting a girls' school in Cairo at the weekend and asked one of the students to remove her niqab.

The Egyptian newspaper al-Masri al-Yom quoted him expressing surprise at the girl's attire and telling her it was merely a tradition, with no connection to religion or the Koran.

I don't think this is a good idea... I don't like when people start banning things - headscarf or niqab or anything. Don't we have a right to wear what we want? Be it a full or half or no covering (I'm just trying to make a point) it's ultimately between me and my creator what I wear or don't wear? Ahhh sigh why is it that women and Islam always come down to what 'we are wearing/or not wearing' ?? I would love to see articles that promote the 5 pillars, and celebrate when women live up to those instead of hijab, niqab, etc!

I would love your thoughts and ideas on these topics!


.::Tuttie::. said...

sigh. why does it come down to that? and why from our own? I get it when non Muslims want to do it, its weird, we are weird, ignorance, arrogance....whatever but a sheikh? that's too much for me. It's like the women of Islam are ALWAYS getting critiqued by one side or the other.

by the way I LOVE your new background the other one was hard to read and I had to scroll up to see things because the image would block most of your post.

.::Tuttie::. said...

**SORRY*** i confused your background with another one. sorry

Anonymous said...

yup yup yup, I totally agree with you. When my hubby says he doesn't think niqab is good for the "image" of Islam - I tell him if women can wear practically nothing in public here then why can't someone be fully clothed ... it's their choice. As long as someone is not being forced to wear something then they should wear what they want.

Ms.Unique said...

I think somethings wrong with the Shaykh, Allahu Alim. Niqab definitely has something to do with Islam, it was the way of Ummahat Al Mumineen! and if someone wants to do it for getting close to Allah then it is not correct to ban it ....

I don't know where he got this from, but he has no right to choose for the niqabi muslimahs, just exactly like the Shyookh who believe that Niqab is fard don't have the right to force it on anyone ....

Coffee Catholic said...

Hmmm. If the niqab has "nothing to do with the Islamic faith" then this cleric has no right to try and ban it. He has no right to tell women what they can and cannot wear as long as their clothing choices are modest.

It would be the same if the Pope tried to ban Catholic women from wearing head scarves and hats ~ after saying, "These things have nothing to do with the Catholic faith."

Well, Mr. Cleric, if the niqab has nothing to do with Islam then you're clearly out of your jurisdiction (Spelling? lol) in trying to ban the niqab! You might as well try and ban the use of forks and spoons.

Hopefully naqibbies will refuse to listen to him. Sounds like Satan is whispering in his ear.

Coffee Catholic said...

P.S. I would totally wear niqab (as a Catholic!) if I could believe that doing so wouldn't get me shot in the head or something. Too many insecure, narrow-minded folk can't even handle a Mennonite-style sunbonnet...

Candice said...

My husband told me about this yesterday. He was like, "See, Candice?! Niqab is not at all part if Islam! The Al-Azhar sheikh says so!"... Grr... I don't think it's obligatory, but it is part of Islam.

Aalya said...

Thanks for all the comments

I totally agree that it has to be the choice of the woman! Tuttie I like your quote:
"It's like the women of Islam are ALWAYS getting critiqued by one side or the other. "

It always is... perhaps that is just one of our struggles in this life?

Quest said...

yes, I agree, some people have no capacity for difference even to their sisters in faith. SubhanAllah.


Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Allah Al Must'aan iam sure this particular guy caused some controversy many years back as well. Saddens me yes surprises me NO!

What is wrong with the dunniyyah today? We must make dua for our selves and that Allah guide the likes of this shiek!

Hicham said...

Assalam Alaikum,
Even if I am Muslim guy, I too wonder about the same issue regarding the focus on clothing so I am inviting you to read my post entitled "The Modesty of Mind" over my blog!


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