Islamic words; how and where to use them?

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

I got to wondering about how I don't really know which 'words' to use in certain situations.  For example most converts know the basics of  Allahu Akbar, Inshallah, Alhamduillah, Subhanallah, etc. and when to say them.  But there are sometimes I do not know what to say?  Like for example when there is thunder and I get scared, what should I say?  Or when you are thinking of something bad, like for example getting sick, or something like that -should I just say to myself  "Inshallah that won't happen" or is there a small prayer or words to say??  Does anyone actually know what I am trying to say here? 

Anyone help out a lost convert LOL ( you think I would know all this by now!)


Hajar said...

Salams sis. Usually I'll say "Astaughfirulla'al'azim" if I think of something bad, or get startled by the sound of thunder, followed by a little prayer something like "Pls protect me ya Allah". Sometimes I'll bring my little prayer book with me, so sometimes I refer to it for precise du'as. :)

Adventurous Ammena said...

there are little duaas for weather issues.. for thinking bad things, liek when u wake up from a bad dream youre supposed to say astagfrillah, so i tend to say it for bad things.. when u hurt yourself youre supposed to say alhamdulillah, like thank god i have the X to feel this pain (hit your leg or something) always good to know the specific duaas though :) hey.. i miss you on FB and twitter xxx

Leslie said...

I always wondered about the equivalent of "God forbid"!!!

Anyway, it's great to see you posting again. I finally got Internet set up here in England! :)


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