What am I up to lately?

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Well what am I up to? Mostly taking care of our little six month old  So I started to give him solid foods...mashallah it has been going well.  He has had apples, peaches, carrots, pears, and peas - in that order! They say you should not start with 'sweet' foods but hey what do they know... just just happened to happen this way. Next he will get butternut squash and later maybe avocado and bananas!  I must also say that I have been making all this food and not buying them pre-made - mashallah it has been easy so far - alhamduillah - I really hope to keep it up, as I do not like all the additives they put into it and the processing involved with it.  There is organic ready made baby foods - I may use those if we are travelling or something like that.  Life is interesting with a six month old - mashallah I am enjoying it!

So my next thing is Ramadan, I am very nervous and scared about it.  I know I probably should not say that as it is a very holy month - but it is such a long day this year.  Last year I did not fast because I was pregnant and felt very left out, as well at Eid hubby took off for 'home' so I was left alone with my non-muslim, non-caring-about-ramadan mother, anyways.  So I look forward to the month but with fear that I will not be able to fast for so long.  It starts at around 4:30am and breaking the fast is at 8:30pm - I just can't imagine it?? I am partially breast-feeding and my fear is that my supply will disappear (its such a small amount already) I know they say you can not fast if you think there is a danger to you or your child - but it is not a danger, it is just that I would like him to get as much breast milk as possible - inshallah my supply will not go. 

So that is what I am up to lately...not too exciting but its my life right now!

I hope to post more soon...inshallah!


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Anonymous said...

When mine were that small and since I was mainly breastfeeding (the food they were eating was hardly anything) I did not fast, because I didn't want my milk supply to suffer. You can always try a few days and see how your baby does ...


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