Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Does anyone's hubby work from home? Well mine does and for the most part I am happy that he is at home to help out with our son ... sometimes he can watch him for a little bit so that I can do laundry, cook or some other thing that has to be done....but..... there is always a but!  Him being at home also makes things harder, like the general housework that has to be done.  Our home mashallah is not huge or small...just right...but it can be likened to a giant drum ...bang on something and it reverberates all through the house.  For example dropping a plate or slamming a door makes such a big noise...can you imagine when I do the vaccuming or the dishes?? Ack! The days that he goes into the office I seem to get so much more accomplished.  I probably should not mashallah he gets to spend time with his son...I know so many other fathers who don't get that we are lucky.  What am I trying to say with this post? Well not much (as its 1:40am here - and I am not as coherent as I should be LOL) I guess its just a small vent!

Anyways...hope to post more about Ramadan and my updates regarding that...inshallah tomorrow!

Good night/morning all!!

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Adventurous Ammena said...

you are lucky masha'Allah.. my hubby works morning shifts, so hes generally home by about 1ish alhamdulillah and with me being at work he has a few hours to kill around the flat ;)


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