Ramadan day 15

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Day 15 has come and gone... so that means that we are half way done with Ramadan already...I really cannot believe how time goes by so fast!  After having a little break (you know) I am now ready to fast again tomorrow, inshallah I will be able to keep the fast.  I have been learning a surah from Quran - Al-kafiroon mashallah I have just two more lines left to memorize!  I have been very lax in learning new surah's (may Allah forgive me) but this year instead of reading the 30 Juz of Quran I have decided to try and memorize at least one surah.  Every year it almost becomes a race to finish reading the 30 juz, I think that's just not right, I need to read it and have a good understanding of it...not just make sure to finish it within the 30 days.  So, inshallah I will have memorized that surah and will be able to use it in my prayers.

How is everyone's Ramadan going so far?

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