"haha...I thought I saw you wearing a scarf...hahaha"

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

So yesterday I met up with a friend for lunch and some shopping.  Went to a busy mall (well, they are all busy now with the holidays coming up)  and she was looking for me and couldn't easily find me (I was in H&M -blush)  when we finally met up, she says: "Oh I saw a woman who looked just like you in a headscarf...I mean really it looked like you and I thought 'no, she didn't, did she'?"

Well, that's just so funny because I was thinking before meeting her, what would she say if I showed up in a scarf! LOL Was it a sign to wear the scarf....well, I know its not...but it was a funny scene.
This is the same friend who was like "you're Muslim...I didn't realize that!" this was after I had told her that I was.  Anyway...later on in the conversation she says: "So did you put your christmas tree up yet" Then two seconds later "oh yeah you're what did you do for Eid?"  Yeah well then it came, "We didn't do anything..." sigh... Came home that night and told hubby that ok for next year we're totally doing SOMETHING for Eid...inviting our non-muslim friends, etc!  (we always get invited to x-mas parties, etc) so thats it year I'll inshallah have an answer to the question "what did you do for Eid?"

Anyways...thats how my yesterday was!


Adventurous Ammena said...

im glad you have a friend that is so open to this part of your life :) I think its important in every sense of meaning for many converts.. to have that non muslim friend who can switch between holidays in a conversation (par exemple) masha'Allah

Aalya said...

Thanks...Im not sure how open she is to it LOL but she wouldn't reject me for it...(at least) it was a funny day!

Dino$ said...

i was telling my husband the same thing. i feel ha for ex for Halloween i got a cute costume for my daughter and took her trick or treating and on EID my husband was working and we didnt even do anything.. i plan on doing something big next eid inshala :)

convert girl said...

I got some weird looks from friends when they found out I converted to Islam. Some thought I had deviated from the correct path by converting to other religion, some tried to convert me back but most of them are very supportive, accept me and continue the friendship like how it used to be... Wonder what would happen to a muslim when they convert to other religion?


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