What about mom crying-it-out?

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Nobody really tells you what it is like to have a child and raise them...I think it's because people think that you will get scared and not even attempt to have a child!  Well, I'm not like that...I kind of like to know what I'm getting into...good and bad!  I actually get a sense of relief and satisfaction when mom's tell me that it is not easy, that it is a trial and they are sometimes frustrated - makes me feel like I'm not a total failure as a mom! Anyway my long rant here is actually going to be about some advice needing advice!

Somehow I got my son used to sleeping in my arms, even for naps.  I truly don't know how it happened? I admit that in the beginning it was nice to hold him and watch him adorable.  Ok, now that he is one years old...its getting a bit tough.  He will not sleep in his crib until he falls asleep in my arms, even for his two naps. I've tried the cry-it-out method...well a bit...I've never been able to completely have him cry for like an hour!  I actually asked the doctor yesterday at his 1 yr appointment, about the sleeping issues...she said that I should just let him cry and he will eventually get sleepy and sleep.  Well, yes but how do you do that? I mean hearing your child crying is heartbreaking (but so is holding him in my arms for over half an hour to get him to sleep) and then he just looks at me like: "don't you like me anymore?"  Aggg!
So, I'm kind of asking for some help from some mom's out there...what's the best way to get him to sleep
on his own?  Oh and he wakes up at least two times a night crying and usually ends up in my arms and bed.  Yeah I know...not good!  So HELP !!


Yara said...

Have you tried a bedtime routine at all?
bath, warm milk, book, bed. Reading the book to him whilst he's in bed on his own in darkness except a night light or mobile helps.

Some parents do the cry-it out technique and it can work, but it does take days and alot of determination from you not to go and pick him up.

Does he like the warmth of your arms?
I'd have some babies who like the warmth so don't sleep well when placed into a cot because it's alot cooler. I fill up a hot water bottle and place it inside just before placing them down (it can work when they are a baby or older)

Aalya said...

Thanks for your comment...I really like the warming up of the bed...I may try that out!


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