What does the quran say about how parents should treat their children?

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

Just wondering if anyone knows of anything in the Quran or Hadiths that speak about how parents should be treating their children?  I know there is a lot about how we should be respectful to our parents and care for them, etc. 
I have been lately having some serious difficulties with my Mother and am having a very hard time to reconcile her behaviour and mine at the same time.  It is said that we must respect our parents, that is all good and fine but why is there never mention of those parents respecting their children?  I mean just because they gave birth to us does that mean we are `under` their whims and commands forever?  I mean without going into too much detail, my Mother lately has become very `selfish`.  Everyone is saying `oh just give her time and realize that she is getting older and it happens` Ok, it happens but in the process she is hurting me and others (my husband for one) saying very untrue things about all of us. She is living with us, but I feel she is not thankful at all and is always just looking out for herself.

Im not sure how this will all play out but it is just not working out living in one household, we all feel like we cannot go on with our own lives...always under a microscope....that goes for my Mother as well - except she will not admit it to me (I overheard her talking).  That is another thing that bothers me so much that she will talk to others about how she is feeling but will never tell me.

Anyone still reading...please keep our family in your dua`s, as I really do need them!



Candice said...

That sounds tough. I hope things improve... I don't have anything Quranic to say, but I do feel that in Islam, it's OK and even good to gently tell a person when they are doing something unislamic/wrong. I think that even if your mom is your mom, it doesn't allow her to do just anything to you. You should be treated with respect like any other person! It seems that it would not be bad to let her know how you feel and how you see the things she is doing so that she can improve herself.

It's possible she doesn't take it that well and doesn't change her behavior, and I suppose in this case, you would have done what the right thing in telling her, and the right thing in at least maintaining your level of respect towards her. It will only be good deeds on you.

I got similar advice on dealing with my husband. He was not at all fulfilling his obligations as a husband, and so I didn't put any effort into mine, but my friend told me that any extra that I do will count and to not feel like I should just be even with him. It's hard, but it's worth it to be better in the end.

Leslie said...

No advice - I just wanted to tell you that I'm still reading your blog, YES! Good luck with your difficult situation...


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