Ah its that time again...gingerbread, candy canes and ...

Assalam alaikum & Peace to all

After being a convert for five years you would really think that I would have gotten over the whole christmas idea? Well, in a way I have but in others I have not, especially since we have a baby now. I love seeing the lights on the houses, and how lovely they are all decorated, I love walking in the mall and seeing all the happy children taking photos with Santa and then I get a bit sad that my child will not be able to experience those things.  This is one aspect of being a convert that really SUCKS!  I told hubby dear that next year we will have to make Eid a very special time for our son, so that he will not be left out ( I think its for me too...I miss all those 'holiday' feelings)  Hubby sees that I get slightly depressed at not getting to enjoy the holiday's, he even said 'why don't you take the child to get a picture with Santa'  I was only half tempted.  For him its really doesn't mean anything...religious or not...its just christmas and this is what they do here (as in decorations and things) he didn't grow up with it and he has none of the 'emotions' that I have linked to it.  Family dinners, presents, everyone trying to be 'happy' and 'loving' to each other, those are the things I miss.  So I think I'll try and combine these things...I can make a nice dinner any night, and make the special dishes that I had growing up (doesn't have to be on the 24th or 25th of December)  I can give presents to my family just because I 'love' them and not because it is the 25th of December, and most of all I think I'll really try and make an effort to be more happy and loving!  So what do you think .... is it a good plan??


أم ترافيس said...

well Im glad u didnt put him on Santas knee ;) but I understand how u feel. Eid has never been like xmas for me... but subhanAllah, I must say this past Ramadan was pretty close because I shared it with a great group of sisters, and it felt really celebratory. So, I think it is possible to make Eid or Ramadan like Christmas... just in a different way. For me, it was the closeness, the special foods, the happy feelings that I needed. SO, inshaa Allah, Allah guides you to doing the same :)

Zaufishan said...


Great ideas. I make gingerbread men as an annual 'Eid tradition, it combines much festivity, allows children to understand we're fun people and adults get in on the scrumptious goodness. All you gotta do, is keep it halal!

Happy holidays!

humie said...

Yes that is a good compromise. I guess I don't understand the whole Christmas things either because I never grew up with it. I used to like watching out neighbors decorate their yards with light and what not but no I don't even like that. Do you realize how much electricity they waste? which turns into burning all that gas/oil? This could help so many people in developing countries. But this reminds me of one of our family friends who used to live in Connecticut where on Eid someone from their community used to dress up as "EID BABA" the equivalent of "Santa". Please don't make your husband dress up as Eid baba, other than that you can do it all.


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